Teaching Music, Understanding Children
Amy Leishman began her musical studies at Utah State University studying Music Therapy. She completed her education at the University of Utah with a B.S. in psychology.  She was able to focus her love of early childhood at The Children's Center of Salt Lake, where she worked as a group facilitator, and play therapist in a day treatment program for toddlers with behavior disorders and developmental delays.  Amy has also studied at the University of Utah Piano Conservatory and taught private piano lessons for over 10 years.  She has been a certified Musikgarten instructor for 7 years.  She loves every moment she spends working with children.

Amy's Musikgarten believes that all children have musical aptitude and that  early childhood is the time to foster this potential in an active, joyful, and developmentally appropriate way.  She believes there is no better approach to teaching young children about the world around them then through music. This program is an ideal way to prepare a child for later instrumental study, to become a more perceptive listener and thinker, and to foster overall creative development.

Erin Feik graduated Utah State University with a degree in Music Education,  emphasis on wind and percussion instruments.  Her primary instrument is the clarinet. While at USU she certified Level I in the Orff
Schulwerk Level method which teaches young children music through speech, singing, listening, playing instruments and moving. She taught elementary music in the Phoenix public schools from 2001-2007.  She has 8 years experience teaching private lesson on clarinet, flute and saxophone. She loves working with children to create beautiful music and is excited to be working with the Musik Garten program.